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God-Father of Chiao Li Ya White Pomeranian

Our reputation and selling is the best in the global BIS. The only championship of direct relative white Pomeranian is reproduced by Chiao Li Ya

The godfather profile of Chiao Li Ya White Pomeranian

I have been interested in animal breeding skills since I was a child in assisting my family's livestock farm. In 1981, I began to breed Taiwanese dogs, Rottweilers, and Sheltie. In 1985, I bred Pomeranians, Maltese, Poodles, Miniatures, Chihuahuas, and Schnauzers, Yorkshire, Shih Tzu, and wolfhound…etc. breeds.

After graduating from school and enter the society, I served as a technical instructor at Nantou Police Station. I am kind and charitable. In 1988, I was elected as the national representative of good people and good deeds. I was summoned by the president and traveled to four countries. When I visited Japan, I saw the local white palace as the mascot. After returning home, I began to study about white Pomeranian with all my strength. In 1990, my Pomeranians "Michael" and "White King Star" won the R-BIS among thousands of participating dogs, second only to wolf dogs (there were judges from the United States and Japan at the theme). I have been bred so far more than 7,000 litters, hundreds of BIS and R-BIS. I have been unanimously recognized as the Pomeranian authority by Japanese Pomeranian master Igarashi Igarashi, British Pomeranian president Derek Hill, FCI senior inspector MattIw Staner, and Taiwanese well-known hosts Wu Zongxian and Cao Lan …etc. Hence, I have won the name, Godfather of white Pomeranian. 20 years later, I launched Chiao Li Ya White Pomeranian competition dog and participated all around the world to European and American countries (UK, U.S., France) and won the first and second place in the annual rankings.

I am particularly interested in breeding German Black Wolfhounds (performance dogs) at the same theme. Over the past 20 years, I have won a lot of championship as produced in Taiwan. I have the strongest bite force, "Black King Kong", which won the fourth place with obedience of 94 points, and have the mainstream "Orry" bloodline which won the award of obedience of 99 points when represented the country in participating WUSV World Cup competition.

In 2014, I passed the examination of all-breed examiner and became qualified since then. I have accumulated rich experience over the years. Besides in Taiwan, I have also been invited to the Philippines, China and South East Asian countries as an examiner. White Pomeranian has been marketing in the world for 38 years. In 2019, it won the first place in the ranking of Pomeranian bitches in the UK and the first place in the ranking of white Pomeranian dogs in the United States. In 2021, the Pomeranian ranked first in the world is also from Chiao Li Ya bloodline. Under the encouragement of the Godfather of White Pomeranian World, and intensive research, the Pomeranians provided to the global market are inclined to international standards. The ideal shoulder height is 20cm~21cm, the body length is 21cm~21.5cm, and the weight is 2.0kg~2.2kg, high temperament like a snow-white ball and brisk pace Pomeranians are provided to enthusiasts to participate and win national championships. We also welcome white Pomeranian enthusiasts from all over the world to study together on breeding skills.

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Dozens of excellent breed males from 2 months to 4 years old in this kennel are in the kennel at any time Interested breeding, breeding and contestants are welcome to buy
  • God-Father of Chiao Li Ya White Pomeranian Hsieh, Cheng-Ju
  • Director & Examiner of Council, Kennel Club of Taiwan
    Retired Instructor, Nantou County Police Bureau